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The Eden

The live-streaming platform only focus on Web3 projects, specially for Web3 gaming, NFT collection and AMA conference

The Eden

Created At

FVM Space Warp

Project Description

In order to provide a promotion place for Web3 projects, The Eden is an exclusive live-streaming platform only for web3 users. The Eden has two stand out functions which are different between The Eden and other live-streaming platform are: 1. Using IFPS network for broadcast content CDN. 2. Providing AIGC technology for generating 3D face mask by the 2D PFP NFT. In order to encourage streamers and audiences stay in our platform and provide video content, we have live-streaming to earn + watch to earn business model to attract initial users. Our goal is to become Web3 Twitch live-streaming platform.

How it's Made

This project is using the self-developed AI generated tech and IFNS API. The project has front end and back end. In the front end, we allow users to connect their wallet based on Metamask SDK. The NFT transection we desige will be used FEVM. In the back end, we are using normal IPNS as live-streaming CDN, also we can use Livepeer network as CDN.

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